The best learning methods

We at Tattwa Valley are very passionate about our children and that a strong foundation is essential for their future success. We respect every child’s personality and truly believe in their potential to become capable, highly responsible and confident individuals.

Awesome results of our students

Tattwa valley marks an important transition into the elementary grades, but it is vital that the kids have fun because we cannot replace their play time by forcing them to do tasks much higher than what they are capable of or based on tests to evaluate a child's success.

Our Vision

"Our vision is to enable your child to live a fulfilled life in tomorrow's modern and fast changing global society,

Our international curriculum, holistic education and excellent academic results prepare our students for further studies around the world and position.

Our growing, energetic and enthusiastic international community of students, teachers and parents all work together to provide a nurturing, inclusive learning environment.

Our warmth of welcome enables students and families to quickly develop a strong sense of belonging to our school community where cultural diversity is embraced and celebrated."

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